Australia in the Round


AUSTRALIA – this wide, brown land; this land of diversity; captured in panorama at Aitken’s Australia in the Round, Glenbrook, New South Wales.

Recognised as the oldest continent on Earth, Australia’s 7.7 million square kilometres is bounded by 25,800 kilometres of coastline, highlighted by 7000 quality beaches.

Scenic attractions abound and it is not surprising that tourism generates more than $8 billion annually for the Australian economy.

Until now, it has been physically impossible for tourists to view a collection of famous Australian attractions in less than two weeks, such is the tyranny of distance throughout ‘the land down under’.

Not any more. From beautiful Sydney Harbour to the mysteries of the Great Barrier Reef; from the spectacular Blue Mountains to the giant monolith Uluru; a classical collection of Australian tourist highlights can be viewed in one session at Aitken’s Australia in the Round at Glenbrook, NSW.

The ‘Glenbrook experience’ will become one of Australia’s great tourist attractions in no time at all. Visitors will enjoy the tranquillity of this work of art and the complementary static display of changing landscapes, flora and fauna.

Lose yourself in the wilderness as you stand, meditate and absorb the sounds of the bush ...

Panorama (-rah’-) n.
Picture of landscape, etc. arranged on inside of cylindrical surface or successively rolled out before spectators; continuous passing scene; unbroken view of surrounding region.
The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary