On display:
Azalea, cactus, eucalyptus – gum trees, flowering lavender bush slim grass, mini black boy plant, palm trees, sydney red gum, vanilla grass, waratah
On display:
Green tree frog, magpie, blue tongue lizard, brushtail possum, crocodiles, echidna, emu, frilled-neck lizard, Kangaroo, koala, kookaburra, red-bellied black snake, wallabies
Jim Aitkens vision
Development of the project over the past two years has been a ‘labour of love’ and the realisation of a 25 year dream for former Penrith Mayor Jim Aitken.
A lifetime of service
Jim was a butcher by trade in his youth, he has enjoyed many other business and vocational successes – fireman, taxi proprietor/driver, garbologist and property developer.


People the world over never tire of Panoramas.

Panoramas – with historical references back to 1791 – are not a new phenomenon. The International Panorama Council (IPC) in its wonderful publication – The Panorama Phenomenon (2006) – tracks historical use of the word ‘panorama’ back to 1791 in an advertisement for a ‘panoramic exhibition’ in London, England. Since that time, entrepreneurs and artists have continued to experiment with the impact of quality art on circular canvas with all kinds of embellishments, from lighting and music to static floor displays quite seamless in connection to the panorama.