Mitchell Falls


The Mitchell Plateau/Mitchell Falls in Western Australia is one of Australia’s most remote tourist attractions.

It takes at least two days driving or 15 hours to get to the Mitchell Plateau from Kununurra, and the unsealed road is impassable during wet season.

Once there, the highlight of the Plateau is certainly the stupendous Mitchell Falls, which cascade over layers of rock into a deep pool far below. The best views of the falls are difficult to achieve as the return trek from the car park to the falls can take five to six hours.

Best accessed from the WA town of Kununurra, the Mitchell Plateau and the Mitchell River do boast other attractions, including Fan Palms that abound in a stunning display – some as old as 250 years. Biologists have also found more than 220 bird species, 50 different mammals and 88 types of amphibians and reptiles.

The Mitchell River is serious saltwater crocodile country and warning signs proliferate the public areas.