AZALEA – The best known and most useful of spring flowering shrubs in Australia. There are several species and hundreds of hybrids and named varieties in single and double flowers in almost every colour.

CACTUS – Cacti are native to the Americas and surrounding islands. There are no native Australian cacti, although there are some born-and-bred Australian succulents.

EUCALYPTUS – GUM TREES – The Australian Gum tree is the most familiar tree in Australia! There are more than 700 varieties of Eucalypts in Australia and many, but certainly not all, as known as Gum Trees. The different species come in all sizes and with a variety of blossums – popular in many Australian native gardens. Most exude sap from breaks in the bark. Eucalypts dominate the tree flora in Australia and have attracted attention from researchers and environmentalists. The trees are a fast-growing source of wood and the oil can be used for cleaning and functions as a natural insecticide and health products.

FLOWERING LAVENDER BUSH SLIM GRASS – The Lavenders are a genus of 39 species of flowering plants in the mint family Lamiaceae – native to the Mediterranean region south to tropical Africa. Lavender cross-pollinates easily and there are countless variations within the species. The colour of the flowers of some forms has come to be called lavender and there are many culinary and medicinal uses.

MINI BLACK BOY PLANT – Another Australian native that features in many outback areas, Xanthorrhoea johnsonii grass tree is known as ‘Black Boy’.

PALM TREES – There are at least 50 known Palm species in Australia belonging to 19 genera. There are only six endemic genera, but the remaining 13 can be found in nearby countries – especially New Guinea. Tropical and subtropical areas of Australia are the home of Australian palms, particularly in the Daintree rainforest in Queensland.

SYDNEY RED GUM – The magnificent Sydney Red Gum (Angophera costata/Apple Gum) is also known as the Smooth Barked Apple and abounds along cliffs and in forests and gardens around Sydney. It is a large native tree growing to 25 metres in height.

VANILLA GRASS – A sweet-scented aromatic tufted grass with short, narrow leaves and dense, compact, yellowish flower spikes, Vanilla Grass grows in small ornamental clumps and is non-invasive. Vanilla Grass contains coumarin glycoside which, when dried, has the scent of new-mown hay – similar to woodruff and benzoic acid, which imparts the sweet fragrance. It has considerable medicinal value and is used as incense and a herbal bath for rheumatism – and in hayseed packs for treating painful changes in joints after accidents.

WARATAH – This attractive and stately shrub has spectacular cones of vivid, red flowers in late spring. It is the floral emblem of New South Wales and is also available in a white cultivar.